Tele Medicine

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tela4Tele-medicine is computer and video technology which enables Irish doctors to collaborate with Albania doctors, to see Albanian patients from the offices of Irish Friends of Albania in Galway and to help with their diagnosis and treatment.
This link is housed in our office in Galway on the Irish side and in the Mother Theresa University Hospital on the Albanian side.

In the past few years Albania and Kosova have invested in tele-medicine and build a network  of over 15 centres which can link with each other for teaching and for medical consultations.

The medical software installed in the systems enables doctors to exchange all types of medical information (scans, photos, pathology slides etc.)

In our office in Galway we have a tele medicine unit which enables us to communicate directly with Albania and Kosova. Our plans in 2012 include also direct links from Galway University Hospital  to Albania and Kosova.

In February 2012 Dr. John Bates and 3 Irish colleagues delivered the  BASIC course in Intensive Care to a group of 25 in Tirana. Through tele medicine the lectures modules of this course were delivered to over 50 participants throughout Albania and Kosova.

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