Next Microsurgery Training mission will take in November 2017


After sharing experience and learning with colleagues in the Balkans in the International Conference on “Contemporary Treatment of Dentofacial Deformities” in Prishtina, Kosova in June 2017, Mr. Jack McCann, the Chairman of Irish Friends of Albania, will travel to Albania for the next microsurgery training mission which will take in November 2017 in the microsurgery laboratory in Mother Theresa University Hospital, Tirana. Mr Jack McCann will make his fourth training visit to this centre which Irish Friends of Albania have established with support from Irish Aid and most recently Electric Aid.

Up to 25 surgeons from Albania and Kosova will participate in the training which will improve their skills and knowledge of micro-surgery. They come from all specialties of surgery . Mr McCann will also liaise with Tirana University on its plans to include microsurgery within the curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine.

Friends-of-Albania-Microscopes1Essential items needed to support this trip are sutures, micro instruments and Irish Friends of Albania is very grateful to medical companies and hospitals which can assist with their supply.

The courses entailed end to end anastomosis of arteries and veins, end to side anastomosis, vein grafts, nerve repair and nerve grafting. These were basic courses and it is necessary that each participant practice as much as possible in order to maintain their skills before they embark on real cases. They will be able to attend refresher courses in time. There is already a large waiting list for the workshop training. Our intention is to provide more microscopes and instruments to facilitate the training of more surgeons in each Microsurgery course, who will then bring the skills to their own units to the benefit of their patients.

In Octocber 2015, Mayor of Galway, Frank Fahy met with Albanian doctors at this Microsurgery Training Laboratory in Tirana, and after that in June 2016: Mayor Frank Fahy’s Mayoral Ball Contributed €3,000 to Irish Friends of Albania.Microscope Laboratory Entrance

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