Medical Collaboration

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 Since our esablishment in 2005 Irish Friends of Albania has sent 14 medical teams to work together with local medical staff in Mother Theresa Hospital, Tirana, Albania. This collaboration began in the Burns & Plastic Surgery Unit and has expanded to the Maxillo-facial  and Neuro surgery units of the hospital. Further expansion in advisory and trainingservices include  ICU and Trauma services.

The aim of the visits is to:
– treat patients in need
– deliver, install and use equipment needed in the Albanian theatres
– train local medical staff
We have been very fortunate to find surgeons and medical personnel in Ireland to voluntarily work with their Albanian colleagues in their specialties. Our special thanks go to
– the director of Mother Theresa University Hospital for granting our teams permission to work in the hospital.
– the staff and the directors of the Units in Tirana which have welcomed us so warmly since we began this work in 2005.
– The patients for their welcome and for their patience often in the face of long waits for consultations and treatment.

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