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get2Irish Friends of Albania needs the voluntary support of all types of specialists to be involved in our medical visits to Albania. We have an administrator in our offices in Galway and in Tirana, but all the rest of our work depends on volunteers.

We need surgeons, doctors, nurses, engineers, therapists and other specialists on our medical teams.

We plan to work more intensively with the Children’s Homes of Tirana and Shkoder and for this work we will need teachers, builders, engineers, care workers and other specialists.

Transport and travel from Ireland to Albania is a great challenge to our work and in this area we welcome support from companies and volunteers.

In Ireland we need fundraisers, organisers and volunteers to assist at our events such as our Charity Ball, fashion shows, sporting events etc. If you would like to organise an event in your area for us we would be delighted to work with you.

Donations of medical goods are always welcome and can be made by contacting the office.
Donations of funds can be made by contacting the office by phone or post or by lodging to our account below. Please reference your donation with your name.
Account name: Friends of Albania Ltd.
Bank: Bank of Ireland
Branch: Mainguard St., Galway
Sort Code: 903795
Account no: 81675607

We are a registered charity and donations are eligible for tax remuneration. Please contact the office for details.

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